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Pictured: Fleetwood Sliding Doors – the Series 3070 with flush 3/4″ sill pan and exterior riser

Westside Door The Best Little Doorhouse In Town® Since 1971

Fleetwood Windows & Doors Authorized Dealer in Southern California.

The Series 3070 is designed for exterior applications requiring operable or pocket systems.

Slim Lines:Fleetwood’s sliding door interlockers are among the slimmest on the market! Methodical engineering and aluminum thickness allow slender lines without compromising structural integrity.

Crisp, Linear Shapes:

Fleetwood’s design focus is the opposite of mass production. A prime example is the sharp edges and crisp lines created by a balance of hand tooling, automation and dedicated machining.

Huge Sizes:

Strength and beauty are demonstrated by Fleetwood’s unique ability to produce doors with massive pieces of glass. For example, it is common for a 30’ x 12’ opening to have just 4 vertical lines.

Robust Screen:

So many other doors are provided with a flimsy screen frame and cheap mesh. Our standard screen is the best sliding screen door made, period! Why? The screen utilizes the same frame and hardware as the glass panels and the highest quality mesh on the market (Ultra Vue).

Fleetwood’s windows and doors products are designed for luxury homes. We are proud to be a Fleetwood Southern California Dealer in North America.

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Westside Door-The Best Little Doorhouse In Town® Since 1971

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