Below you will find a list of Installers that we, as a company, recommend for all of your window and door installations. So if you need a new construction install or a retrofit these are your guys!

Westside Door only refers, we are not responsible for any of the people any customer chooses. We do not get compensated in any way by any of these referrals. Names listed are done in alphabetical order and in no way are they listed with any preference intended.

Danny Allen (door & window installation)
Chris Bradley (door & window installation)
Russ Braunstein (door & window installation)
James Carr (fine carpentry & moulding)
Noe Cruz ( door & window installation)
Frank Escobar ( door & window installation)
Rich Hall (repair & install)
Bryn LaPalm (door & window installation)
Joe Martin ( moulding, door, window installer)
Tom Martin ( door & window installation)
Eugene McGaugh (multi-trades)
Edgar Negeros (repair & install)
Lorenzo Sanchez (door & window installation)
John Switzer (repair & install)
Daniel Tierney (handyman service)
Nathan White ( installation & cabinetry)
Ultimate Installz, Jason / Phoebe (door & window installation)

Call us at 310-478-0311 or contact us here to find out who we recommend for your area.