We’ve been specializing in doors, windows, mouldings, skylights, and hardware since 1971.

Whatever your design, construction, or remodeling project, we have the expertise and high-quality supplies you need – at competitive pricing.

Westside Door and Moulding – Your Local Marvin Dealer in West Los Angeles, California

We take pride in giving you the best selection, backed by caring customer service.We supply windows and doors from companies which manufacture quality products using only the finest material and technology in the industry. Our mouldings come from the finest mills in the country. We carry standard stock details and can even meet your needs for custom work if called upon. Paint grade or hardwoods can also be matched, not to mention a complete line of flexible mouldings for your radius needs. Hardware can be seen in our West Los Angeles Showroom as well.With our top of the line products, experienced sales team, and a customer support staff to help track your orders, we are here to service your needs. DELIVERY to your jobsite by our own trucks is also available to you. When you are ready for the best product at the best price, call us. We will be here and ready to work with you.We are: WESTSIDE DOOR AND MOULDING®: The Best Little Doorhouse In Town®

Same Location Since 1971. Call Us 310-478-0311

Marvin Windows and Doors with Integrity by Marvin
Marvin Windows and Doors with Integrity by Marvin

Pictures of Our Location and Inside of Our Showroom in West Los Angeles.