Want to transform your Beverly Hills home and improve the view? Fleetwood Windows & Doors’ Series 3070 Multi-Slide & Pocket Door System can redefine your abode and give it a wide open view of your beautiful surroundings.

Fleetwood Series 3070 Multi-Slide & Pocket Door System Product Highlights

As with the brand’s other products, the Fleetwood Series 3070 multi-slide and pocket door system has various characteristics that set it apart from counterparts. These include:

Slim Lines

Fleetwood sliding door interlockers are among the slimmest available, the product of methodical engineering and aluminum thickness that enable slender lines while maintaining structural integrity.

Crisp, Linear Shapes

The brand’s products are not made for mass manufacturing but are the result of a meticulous process that includes hand tooling as well as automation and precise machining.

Huge Sizes

Beauty and strength are balanced by Fleetwood products, such as doors with massive pieces of glass, that provide breathtaking views while staying structurally sound.

Robust Screens

Fleetwood standard screens are the best sliding screen doors made because they utilize the same frame and hardware as the glass panel, making them the highest quality meshes on the market.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum does not swell or shrink when temperature or humidity levels shift as the material is thermally stable. This means very little energy is lost through the frame unlike wood and vinyl which experience thermal contraction.

Leak Prevention

Similarly the Series 3070 has a variety of options and boasts the buried Arche-Duct that offers hurricane water performance.

Low Maintenance

The resiliency of Fleetwood products mean that they can endure extreme environments and have a Lifetime Warranty.


Homeowners will benefit from the versatility and unlimited configuration options of this Fleetwood product, which will allow them to create custom systems such as multi-slide, stacking, pocketing, meeting, curved, corner, multi-corner and barn doors.

To learn more about the Series 3070 Multi-Slide & Pocket Door System and other Fleetwood Windows & Doors products, you can reach out to your authorized Fleetwood dealer in Southern California. Also serving Orange County, South Bay, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

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