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The Marvin® Signature® Collection Difference Will Transform Your Home

Enjoy the Marvin® brand’s broadest range of product types, sizes, configurations, and design options with the Marvin Signature® Collection, that truly stands out with  every thoughtful detail, with the highest level of architectural precision and beautiful aesthetics. Experience the  Marvin® Difference with the brand’s superior creations that include the Ultimate, [...]

Expansive Marvin® Window Types Provide Unprecedented Portfolio of Choices Boasting Exceptional Performance and Aesthetics

A rich variety of Marvin® Window Types are available at Westside Door, a Marvin® Authorized Dealer, providing Southern California Homeowners, Developers, Architects and Designers an abundance of choices that boast exceptional performance and aesthetics. This portfolio includes the Marvin® Signature® Collection Windows to the Marvin® Elevate® Collection and the Marvin® [...]

Marvin® Signature™ Ultimate Windows and Doors: Ideal for Traditional, Contemporary, Historic, Craftsman Projects

For homeowners seeking high quality windows and doors for home renovation and construction projects, particularly designs using traditional, contemporary, historic, craftsman and other styles, Marvin® Signature™ Ultimate Windows and Doors are ideal options. They are beautifully manufactured products with craftsman-quality construction and a vast selection of shapes, styles, sizes and [...]

What a Home’s Age Can Tell You About Future Renovation Projects

Investing in a 1970s home may sound like a dream—is there anyone who cannot find beauty in stained-glass windows and a historic fireplace? But most old homes come with a fair share of repairs. The best way is to follow well-being trends in the home so that the end result is a comfortable, functional home.  [...]

Trending Now: Window and Door Designs of 2022

The most popular door and window designs so far in 2022 incorporate energy efficiency, modern technology, and a focus on quality materials. Today’s door and window buyers are looking for a combination of effectiveness, beauty, and durability at a price within their budget. The pandemic and the resulting construction surge have forced window and door [...]




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