Start the New Year right by upgrading your home with a stylish entry system. The Fleetwood Windows & Doors® Series 3000 traditional sliding door is an ideal addition for any abode, designed for luxury homes and high performance markets. Westside Door is a Fleetwood Windows & Doors®  Authorized Dealer offering the brand’s traditional sliding doors to customers in and around the Beverly Hills area.

Fleetwood Windows & Doors Series 3000 Traditional Sliding Door Features and Specifications

At Westside Door and Moulding we offer a variety of Fleetwood Windows & Doors products including the Series 3000 traditional sliding door. Fleetwood Windows & Doors® Authorized Dealer Westside Door serves West Los Angeles and the Southern California area. Also serving Orange County, South Bay, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California. Call us: (310) 478-0311

Westside Door is a Fleetwood® Authorized Dealer offering Fleetwood Windows & Doors® Series 3000 traditional sliding doors. Call us: (310) 478-0311

Fleetwood Series 3000 traditional sliding door advantages include superior energy, noise and security features due to the following traits:

High Efficiency Glass

The Fleetwood® brand utilizes modern glazing and efficient insulation techniques that allows for the design and fabrication of minimalist designs and huge glass without compromising energy consumption.

Security Benefits

Fleetwood® products are capable of withstanding hard impacts as they are better, specialty designs that use high-security laminated glass coupled with robust Fleetwood framing.

Noise Control

Sound dampening upgrades to Fleetwood® glass and products are available without impacting budget or design.

Fire and Heat Resistance

Fleetwood® aluminum products offer excellent performance and style while assisting wall integrity during fires.

Fleetwood® uses patented US-made hardware, including a better door latching system: the Archetype Locking System (ALH). Additionally, in terms of fit and finish Fleetwood doors appear exceptional, featuring cosmetic items that other brands lack. These include Pocket Closers, Jamb Closers, Head Closers and Sill Closers. These are standard for every custom sliding door by the Fleetwood® brand. Swiss precision bearings enhance Fleetwood® door performance, and Fleetwood® tracks use solid aluminum bases with heavy gauge stainless steel inserts that can be easily replaced.

To learn more about Fleetwood Windows & Doors products, you can reach out to Westside Door – your authorized Fleetwood® Dealer in West Los Angeles, Southern California. Also serving Orange County, South Bay, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

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