Improve the energy efficiency of your home with thermally improved aluminum patio doors. The Milgard® A250 aluminum patio door uses this material to modernize homes and make them more stylish. At Westside Door we offer this model for homes in Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Thermally Improved Aluminum, a Modern Solutions for Patio Doors

Milgard® Thermally Improved Aluminum Series patio doors use cutting edge technology and design to enhance home energy efficiency while maintaining the openness of the abode. These are ideal for both new constructions and replacement projects, as the aluminum patio doors provide narrow sight lines that convey design freedom. Natural light can bathe the interior of your home and give those inside a great view. All without sacrificing practicality, as these patio doors have polyurethane channels that reduce thermal transfer and enhance the comfort of any home.

Due to the strength and stability of aluminum, these patio doors can have clean and narrow sight lines without compromising structure or integrity. Additionally, Milgard® Aluminum Series patio doors utilize high quality components from the rollers up to the frame. This will definitely upgrade any home with its addition, making it a must have for any home renovation project or completely new construction projects.

To learn more about the Milgard® Thermally Improved Aluminum | A250 Sliding Patio Doors and other Milgard® products, you can reach out to your authorized Milgard® dealer in Southern California. Also serving Orange County, South Bay, Beverly Hills, Malibu, West Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

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