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Create Seamless Transitions with MILGARD® Sliding Door Series Options

The MILGARD® brand offers a variety of superb Sliding Doors Series options for Southern California Homeowners, Developers, Architects and Designers allowing them to customize their residential or commercial space with the right entry system. To learn more about MILGARD® products, you can reach out to Westside Door – your [...]

Milgard® Trinsic™ Series V300 Windows for West Los Angeles Homes

Modern vinyl windows can upgrade a home with a better view as well as improved energy efficiency. The Milgard® Trinsic™ Series V300 does just this with the simplicity and elegance of its single hung vinyl window design. Westside Door is an authorized Milgard® Dealer, we offer Milgard® Trinsic™ Series V300 windows for homeowners in and [...]

Improve Home Ventilation and Weatherization with Milgard Windows

Home renovation or home improvement projects must incorporate window replacements. Why? Because home renovation projects are an opportunity to replace old windows with low performance with modern and more efficient windows that are also more stylish. Milgard windows are perfect for these goals as the brand’s products are known for their superior qualities, including ventilation, [...]




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